Bun n' gun

Bandits have invaded Wilder West and have started terrorizing the entire area! Only one rabbit and their small bat friend can put a stop to their nefarious attacks and bring peace back to Wilder West. Brandishing their signature gun and tightening their flip flops that let them run just as fast as they can shoot, Bun leaps into action!

Good luck, you fast-footed hero!



When a group of bandits launched an attack on Star’s bar in Wilder West, Bun showed up brandishing their elemental gun and chased them out. Bun wasn’t going to let them get away with it and set out to stop these bothersome bandits once and for all.


  • Stories
  • Mysteries
  • Mountain Climbing


  • Carrots
  • Talking
  • Stealth


Star does her best to support her community. Her bar’s the most popular spot in Wilder West, and as a result becomes the biggest target for most bandits. After one such attack, Star met Bun and the two have been good friends ever since.


  • Girls
  • Mechs
  • Mines


  • Cats
  • Cement
  • Fishing

Meet The Team

Sharb – Lead Designer
Fira – Sprite Artist
Raina – Writer, Tester
Sophie – Character Designer, Tester
StormyGlaze – Concept Artist, Character Design
Darkonius Mavakar – Lead Level Designer
Cropclock – Sprite Artist
Take-a-nobu – Composer
Major – Composer
CosmicGem – Composer

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